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Art Appreciation. 

  1. Sonya & Orest for DressCode Magazine (September 2010), Valeria Lazareva
  2. Untitled, Joshua Foster. On Tumblr
  3. Le Louvre et ses visiteurs, Alécio de Andrade
  4. Favourite Place, Hannah & Landon Metz
  5. Art Appreciation, Chuck Burgess
  6. Boston (Summer 1972), Nick DeWolf
  7. Museo del Prado, Madrid (1995), Elliott Erwitt

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When the time comes for you to make a change, to grow, to do your life in a different way, the universe will make you so uncomfortable, so unhappy, you will eventually have no choice. If you insist on staying in a place you no longer belong in, if you do not grow the courage to do what is necessary to propel yourself forward, you will suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.
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Surrender is not weakness. There is great strength in it. Only a surrendered person has spiritual power. Through surrender, you will be free internally of the situation.
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A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Yumna Al-Arashi

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ART: Cotton Candy Cloud Oil Paintings by Will Cotton

Will Cotton’s oil paintings of sugary utopias filled with gorgeous nude women bridge the worlds of art, pop and fashion. 

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don’t get it twisted like i respect bugs for being the best they can be in spite of their specific assigned flesh prisons and their ecological significance but they need to stay the fuck away from me 

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Rosie, 2014.Chris Schoonover


Rosie, 2014.
Chris Schoonover

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